Mvc Controls Toolkit Core

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5 days course (8h/day). Learn how to use the Mvc Controls Toolkit Core free tool to build professional level Mvc Core web applications with globalization/localization, client/server localized validation, browser capabilities detection, HTML5 input fallback, and many other tools to increase productivity.

Productivity tools encompasses all the layers a professional MVC application is composed of: data and business layer tools, controller tools and View tools that include several advanced tag helpers, like, for instance, the grid tag helper. Tag helpers and controls may be empowered with OData tools for easy data filtering, sorting, and grouping.

Prerequisites: Mvc Core


  • Installation and architecture
  • Html5 input fallback, globalization, and time zones
  • Client-server globalized validation
  • Autocomplete
  • mvcct-enhancer
  • subclass and other utility tag helpers
  • Business layer tools: projections, and generic repository classes
  • Templates, Rows, Columns, and toolbars
  • Edit/Display detail forms and buttons handling
  • Grid tag helper
  • Tag helper providers
  • Ajax links
  • Pager
  • Editable grids and ajax generic controllers
  • OData queries and queriable grids
  • Handling user preferences
  • Customizing default templates

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