Microservices with .NET 6


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5 days course (8h/day). In this course you will learn how to code microservices in .NET: the main patterns, the main architectures, and how to orgainze your teams.

Prerequisites: Data layer, Introduction to Microservices and Kubernetes


  • Fundamentals of Domain Driven Design
  • Layer and Onion architectures
  • Domain Layer and Aggregates
  • Value types
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • Repository and Unit of Work
  • Application Layer with Query, Command handlers and Event handlers
    • DTO and ViewModels
    • How to use reflection to discover Queries, Command handlers, Event handlers, and Repositories
  • Communication between microservices
    • Theoretical foundations
    • Message brokers: RabbitMq and Azure Service Bus
    • Introduction to RabbitMq
    • Resilience: Polly
  • Implementing a Worker Microservice with .NET 6 and RabbitMq
    • Host, Dependency Injection and Hosted Services
    • Binary Serialization and ProtoBuf
    • Using the .NET Client for RabbitMq
    • Complete example: Calculation of daily turnover
  • Implementing a Microservice Frontend with ASP.NET Core MVC 6
    • Frontends and micro-frontends
    • General architecture
    • The data layer
    • The domain layer interface
    • The application layer

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